Anton Ginzburg: VIEWs

Exhibition catalogue

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Anton Ginzburg: VIEWs, installed at Helwaser Gallery from March 28 – May 23, 2019.
A solo exhibition by Anton Ginzburg, VIEWs introduces the newest body of works by the artist. This includes the VIEWs painting series, a site-specific mural, and ceramic sculptures. VIEWs presents Ginzburg’s engagement with the development of modernist-formal vocabulary in Eastern Europe, which addresses theories of viewing.
This catalogue includes essays by Meghan Forbes and Junni Chen. Foreword by Antoine Helwaser.
In her essay, Forbes puts Anton’s work in conversation with the Eastern European historical avant-garde, citing the influence of Russian Futurism on his paintings. She discusses Ginzburg’s artistic style as a mediation between the East and the West, bridging the historical and contemporary in an attempt to synthesize his Russian and New York identities. Forbes’ essay “On VIEW” explores the effectiveness of Ginzburg’s abstract paintings and sculptures in conveying own personal experiences as well as his affinity for Eastern European modernism in a contemporary manner.
Junni Chen’s essay “Fields of Vision: Anton Ginzburg’s VIEWs” examines the artist’s present body of work in the context of his overall practice. She considers his contemporary interpretation of modernist methodologies as a means of challenging the viewer’s relationship to form, space and color.

Published by Helwaser Gallery


Edition: 150 copies

ISBN: 978-1-7338706-0-3


Texts by Meghan Forbes and Junni Chen. Foreword by Antoine Helwaser.


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