Richard Fleischner: Witness Mark

Exhibition catalogue

Published in conjunction with the exhibition Richard Fleischner: Witness Mark, installed at Helwaser Gallery, from February 12, 2020 - present. 

The first solo exhibition of the artist at the gallery, Richard Fleischner: Witness Mark presents a comprehensive overview of the artist's recent body of work. Comprising photographs, gouaches, and sculptures, Fleischner's works draws from a language of the commonplace, taking inspiration from paving stones, sidewalks, and rudimentary buildings. This catalogue documents the exhibition, with an essay by art historian and curator Jennifer Gross, and an introduction by the artist. 

"My work grows out of the details that I recognize and acknowledge withinthe commonplace and the universal – which are irreducible in our everyday built experience." Richard Fleischner is best known for his integrated, site-specific works in cities, parks, woods, and other natural areas, in both public and private arenas. Previous major commissions include those presented at documenta 6 (1977, Kassel, Germany), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1980-85; 2008-10, Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Dallas Museum of Art (1981, Dallas, Texas), and the Marsh & McLennan Companies Memorial (2002-03, New York). Fleischner’s practice consistently investigates our perceptual and physical interactions with space – working at the intersection of art, architecture, and urban design, his works are a result of a process of “place-making”.

This catalogue features an essay by art historian and curator Jennifer Gross. "Fleischner and his work rose to international recognition in the 1970s when his Land Art installations dovetailed with an international field of artists", Gross writes, "[they] were interested in humankind’s connection to nature and in operating outside the traditional museum and gallery arenas in order to engage a broader public." Detailing Fleischner's artistic process for the sculptures and gouaches featured in the exhibition, her essay contextualises these recent works in the artist's wider oeuvre, and outlines his position against the movements of Minimalism and Land Art. 




Published by Helwaser Gallery


Edition: 300 copies



Texts by Richard Fleischner and Jennifer Gross


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