Boedi Widjaja


Jerusalem Biennale 2017

Hamachtarot Museum

October 1- November 16, 2017

Boedi Widjaja presents his work, “STONE TELLING: 從土,黑也”, as part of his ongoing Stone Telling series at this year’s edition of the Jerusalem Biennale 2017. The 2017 Jerusalem Biennale is curated by Rami Ozeri, and runs from October 1 to November 16 at various locations in the city.

This presentation is part of the wider "STONE TELLING" series that Widjaja has developed since 2012. The series transposes geologies into images, through the physical act of rubbing stones onto paper. For the 2017 Jerusalem Biennale, Widjaja presents abstract stone prints made in situ during the opening of the Biennale, in collaboration with visitors. Widjaja’s work speaks of an imagining of home through land and water, as expressed through abstract stone prints. The title of the work, 從土,⿊也 means “from the earth, black” in Mandarin Chinese. The phrase was written by Eastern Han scholar Xu Shen, a literal and semantic description of “ink” - its character 墨 is formed by combining ‘black’ and ‘earth’. 水墨—the pairing of the Chinese words for “water” with “ink” is the term used to describe traditional Chinese landscape paintings. The paintings are generally approached as subjective site-inspired performative expressions rather than accurate observations of the scene. 

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