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Exhibition Catalogue

Boedi Widjaja: Declaration of 

"Boedi Widjaja’s practice shifts effortlessly between photography and drawing. Complicating the process of image making, Widjaja asserts an additional layer of mediation, obscuring his own painstakingly made drawings with analogue photography processes, appropriating his own appropriated images to produce abstract, distorted images that differ widely in context. The work is often austere, portraying specters of historical figures; at other times, his subjects are abstract or corporeal manifestations of personal and cultural memories. His first US solo exhibition, Declaration of, is an examina- tion of identity, politics, and nationhood, which is refracted through his
own immigrant experience."

— Shona Mei Findlay, Curator of Asia Programs, KADIST Foundation, in "Spectres of History"

An Asia Art Archive in America Collection Highlight, explore more of Boedi Widjaja's first solo exhibition in our exhibition catalogue, published in conjunction with the exhibition installed at Helwaser Gallery, from September 11 - November 7, 2019. 

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Exhibition Catalogue 

Richard Fleischner: Witness Mark 

"Crossing the threshold into Richard Fleischner’s studio sets in motion a recalibration of one’s senses. The distinctive aroma of time having passed across and through wood, stone, and dirt wafts in the air. Light filters through paned windows, slowed and refracted across a rich array of objects whose diverse tactile surfaces lure the eye and the hand. The visitor must set aside the prevailing acuities of virtual, intellectual, secondary experience privileged by today’s technology and, instead, take up the tools of individual consciousness that affirm real, physical, primary engagement. A visit to this aerie is an initia- tion into a world ordered by human hands that are inspired by the observation of beauty and a faith in the truth to be found in materials."

— Jennifer Gross, art historian and curator, in "A Recalibrated Approach" 

Featuring a new body of work developed over recent years, this catalogue was published in conjunction with the ongoing solo exhibition of Richard Fleischner, which opened on February 12, 2020.

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