Lin Yan

Useless Value

Useless Value 

Wanying Art Museum, Hebei

December 24, 2017 - March 17, 2018


Lin Yan is included in the group show Useless Value at the Wanying Art Museum, Hebei, China. Presenting the site-specific installation Phecda (2017), the work is part of a public art project series that the artist embarked on in 2017. Entitled Regeneration of Hope, Lin Yan creates site-specific installations with handmade paper in various public spaces all over the world, named after the seven stars of The Big Dipper. Within Chinese astronomy, the Big Dipper is often regarded as the symbol for direction.

The exhibition focuses on the nature of the processes and selected materials of each of the selected artists, emphasizing a process of artistic creation that is rooted in self-exploration, tradition, and a desire to create transformative works. Responding to the rapid development in the political and economic spheres across China today, the exhibition drew links between the traditional Chinese philosophies and principles, and the works of the three selected artists. Useless Value is curated by Liu Chunfeng, who is currently a curator at the National Art Museum of China. 

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