Lin Yan

LOOM – Contemporary Art

Loom – Contemporary Art

Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou 

June 24, 2017 - August 27, 2017


Lin Yan is included in the group exhibition Loom – Contemporary Art, held at the Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China. The exhibition invited a selected group of thirty artists to respond to the medium of silk. Other selected artists include: Xu Bing, Liang Shaoji, Lyu Yue, Qiang Yong, Gao Qian, and Qiu Zhijie. The exhibition will present Lin Yan's work, Merak (Tianxuan 天璇), a wall installation made of crumpled Xuan paper. This work is part of her public art project series, which she embarked on in 2017. Entitled Regeneration of Hope, Lin Yan creates site-specific installations with handmade paper in various public spaces all over the world, named after the seven stars of The Big Dipper. Within Chinese astronomy, the Big Dipper is often regarded as the symbol for direction.