Lin Yan

Lin Yan: The Gateway to the Future

Lin Yan: The Gateway to the Future

Eslite Gallery, Taipei

April 9, 2016 - May 8, 2016 


A solo exhibition by Lin Yan, The Gateway to the Future is held at Eslite Gallery, Taipei. Works presented include wall-mounted sculptures, which were cast from architectural details, such as metal floors and brick walls that the artist came across in China. Many of the works were dipped in dark, black ink, referencing the tradition of calligraphy in Chinese ink painting. By casting traditional architectural features in paper and ink, Lin focuses on the intimate details worn into these surfaces, recording "the effects of wear and tear in the cultural and material fabric of our contemporary world... Despite things lost, struggling, or being destroyed, there is also beauty,  strength, hope, and persistence in these sculpted paper paintings.”

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