Boedi Widjaja

Black - Hut

Boedi Widjaja: “Black—Hut”, Singapore Biennale 2016

Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore

Curated by Bala Starr and Melanie Pocock

October 28, 2016 - February 1, 2017

A solo exhibition commissioned by the Institution of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, Widjaja's installation work is a "room within a room". Widjaja's memory of his childhood home in Solo City, Java, is key to this work; after hearing that the home had been put on the market to be sold, Widjaja revisited the house, collecting graphite frottages of the walls and doors. Reconfiguring the space of the gallery into a "hut", a basic building form, the installation combines the practice of mark-making, memory, and notions of place to echo the material relationship between dwelling and body. 

To learn more about Black—Hut, read writer Susie Wong's essay in d+a publication here.