Boedi Widjaja

Cross Cultural Live Art Project

Cross-cultural Live Art Project (CCLAP) 

Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, UK

November 11 - November 12, 2016


Boedi Widjaja presents his work  Imaginary Homeland: 谢谢你的爱. This work is part of the Imaginary Homeland series, which explores mass media images and how they impact the ideals and notions of a personal hometown narrative. This installment in the series is part of the Cross-cultural Live Art Project, curated by Something Human, accompanying the Krisis exhibition on show at Bonington Gallery. 

CCLAP is a three year live art project curated by Something Human began in 2014 that instigates the sharing of the developments and critical reflections of significant and diverse live art practices in Southeast Asia and the UK, to bring the critical contexts for Southeast Asian live art practice in conversation with developments in the UK/European scenes. The project presents thought-provoking live art performances by Southeast Asian and international practitioners in London, bringing their work to both local and a wider international audience.

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