Anton Ginzburg

1st Moscow Experimental Film Festival

1st Moscow Experimental Film Festival


July 24, 2016 


Anton Ginzburg's film, Ultraviolet, will be screened as part of the 1st Moscow Experimental Film Festival. Several Moscow musicians will create a musical structure based on the film, independent of the original film score by Michael Pisaro. The visual sequence of the film will be treated as a score. Building the structure, musicians will divide into two parts. Kirill Shirokov, a soloist, will closely follow the visual “score” of Anton Ginzburg, while the ensemble will generate long notes and pauses between them, reacting to the audio lead of the soloist.

Performers: Sasha Elina, Kirill Shirokov, Sasha Sobeev, Vladimir Gorlinski and Maria Marchenkova

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