KAWS (b. 1974) started out as a graffiti artist in New York in the 1990s. Born Brian Donnelly, the artist adopted the tag 'KAWS' while marking buildings in Manhattan and New Jersey. By embarking on his artistic career through street art and mass-producing his signature pieces, KAWS built a large following that attracted the attention of collectors and critics. This nontraditional approach to visual art has contributed to his popularity in recent years.

Combining his background in animation with his distinct street art style, KAWS has produced unique toys, paintings and prints. Often compared to Takashi Murakami or Andy Warhol for his cartoonish Pop art style, KAWS incorporates a skull-like figure in many of his works. Untitled (Camo Skulls) employs four variations of this skull cartoon in different but complementary color combinations. Each figure contains his iconic "XX" signature, which KAWS has incorporated into his work since his time as a street artist. A former illustrator at Disney, his works draw influence from pop culture, consumerism, and toy production in order to produce humorous and unique designs.